Welcome to Centric Real Estate Blog

To Blog or Not to Blog…That is the question.

Doesn’t every person in world have a blog? EVERYONE has a blog — Celebrities, local musicians, grocery stores, DOGS…, speaking of dogs, chloetheminifrenchie has a blog and is verified on Instagram (177k followers), for goodness sake!!!, We don’t even have that many followers.

Why me? I don’t have the time… These were all of the things that came to mind when deciding to create a blog. We managed to talk ourselves OUT of starting a blog before even beginning. Besides, we’re busy, Right? No one knows us… and we are NOT trying to be the next Zillow.

All we want to do is share our knowledge, experiences and expertise. Who else is gonna (yes, we are all educated, but we want to say “gonna” instead of “GOING TO”) tell you about the $10,000 investment deals available (in the city that is not yet listed) or about the local farmers market festival happening over the weekend. What about the top trends in the real estate market as they are happening? Yes…that is ALL we want to do and this Blog will allow us to express ourselves and share our insights —

So just sit back, relax and follow…our blog! We hope you enjoy!

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